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Are payments secure?

Payments are handled through CC.Bill

This isn’t what I expected, how do I get a refund?

Contact Us with your concern and we would be happy to assist you

General Adult Virtual Reality Questions

What resolutions are you currently shooting?

We are displaying our videos at 720 and 60 frames per second Resolution Codec Data Rate Frame Rate
High 3840 x 3840 h.265 12Mb 60fps
R Cont For Gear VR/Oculus/Vive 2560 x 2560 h.265 8Mb 60fps
Holution VR Porn Videos For Smartphones 1920 x 1920 h.265 6Mb 60fps
Medium Resolution Adult VR Videos For Smartphones 1920 x 1920 h.264 6Mb 30fps

Where can I Purchase a AR/VR headset.

AR/VR Goggles can be purchased from here:

How often do you update and add new adult VR videos?

Currently we don’t have a specific update schedule but we are trying to average 2-3 new videos per week.



I can hear sound but can’t see the video

Make sure you have the latest version of Android or IOS installed on your device.

Alternately you may need to close out the 123Merge.com app and restart it or reinstall the 123Merge.com app.


I can’t seem to play the vr videos.

Our videos are best played where there is Wifi. However it will also work using your data signal.


My phone is getting Hot.

There is a lot of information that is being processed by our 123Merge.com app. If you find the phone getting too hot, you may choose to limit your viewing time.


My VR video isn’t working on my smartphone device, can you please help me?

Please Contact Us and we would be happy to try and assist you


Are these adult VR videos in HD?

Most of our virtual reality content is designed to display at very high resolution, almost 2K in some cases. Some of our earlier VR stuff is in a lower resolution and frame rate as we experimented with what worked on what devices. We plan to go back fix/redo some of this and re-release it at a later date.